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Kari is originally from the Philippines, and has come to the states to study. While studying she discovered buymysocks and has very much enjoyed the fact that her worn out exercise socks and ballet flats she wears to school receive so much attention. Long hours walking around campus means that her barefoot worn shoes are always sweaty in the Arizona heat! Kari loves to exercise and has a collection of sneakers for different types of workouts, dry socks is not always that's something available to a busy student with a job to boot.? Enjoy :-). Kari has amazing 7.5 size feet that are very soft and always decorated with an elaborate pedicure.

Age : 20 Height : 5'4 Weight : 122 Shoe Size : US 7.5

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Kari in Gym Socks
Kari in Gym Socks
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For shoe sniffers, converse fanatics, gym and jogging fans. After work feet in nylons for sweaty foot lovers.

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